Collection: Gilded Lilies: A Sparklewren Retrospective

Merchandise from our exhibition 'Gilded Lilies: A Sparklewren Retrospective'. Includes an exhibition catalogue, a selection of postcards and photographic prints. Click here to explore the exhibition. 

‘Gilded Lilies’ examines the work of Sparklewren, one of the most influential and memorable makers in the modern corsetry movement. Sparklewren’s notoriously opulent aesthetic treats corsetry as a foundation in the architectural sense, creating the base for wearable mixed-media sculpture. This exhibit explores Sparklewren’s development, exploration, reinvention, and abandonment of numerous techniques for construction, fabrication, boning, patterning, and, of course, embellishment of corsetry. Also included are exclusive behind the scenes and editorial photography, sketches, fabric samples, and garments both inspiring to and influenced by the designer.